Apple Watch & iPhone 6 Real-Time Marketing Wins Using Polls

Whenever an event like Apple’s iPhone 6, Pay, and Watch release happens, the internet focuses all of its attention there. Marketers and brands everywhere scramble for unique ways to get in on the real-time action.

Some of them fail.



Some of them win.



All of them try different methods to get their audience engaged.

A new and effective way to do just that is using social polling. Polling isn’t new, but solutions like Wedgies polls make them easy to share across all your channels. Publishers like Engadget and Wall Street Journal use them as a tool to enhance their coverage, learn about their audience, and get more traffic to their articles.  

They ask the right questions, embed their polls in the right places, and share them on social networks for success. On the day of the Apple event, Engadget pulled in 47,000 votes on just one poll embedded in a single article.

Check out these polling wins from the Apple event.

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus Article & Poll



The Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus started off the event. Engadget scored a big win with this perfectly timed article, Apple unveils the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, that includes an embedded poll.



Their poll got over 47,000 votes and readers shared their answers to Facebook and Twitter directly from the buttons in the poll. Whenever anyone shared the poll, more readers were linked back the article.

They also found out the split on what phones their readers were planning to buy. This adds to their array of helpful data that can influence editorial decisions around future content.

Apple Watch Article & Poll



Engadget was on top of the Apple event and also published a great article that summarized the Watch during the live stream. This poll was embedded at the bottom and got over 24,000 votes.



Shares from the poll itself generated a lot of social activity for them and created another channel to drive traffic to their article.

Apple Watch Twitter Poll

Wall Street Journal boosted their Twitter coverage of the event by asking this great question about the Apple Watch.



After multiple retweets, favorites, and 4,400 votes they learned that their engaged audience were split almost 50/50 on buying Watch. Interesting.

Your Turn to Win


Social polls are easy to create and share with Wedgies. They’re perfect for real-time event coverage and bring in more traffic, shares, and overall engagement anytime a conversation is happening.

You can create one here and see how it works. Add photos, gifs, and interesting answers to get the most votes. If you have any questions about the best ways to create and share polls, we’re always happy to answer.



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